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Galactic Federation of Light APRIL 25 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Published on Apr 25, 2013
As being awakened to the light, then you work non stop for the light, as this is how you earn your place into the new Earth, it is not a give all, come all type of event, when souls that are choosing to kill are simply not choosing to vibrate in peacefulness. Naturally, there are serious consequences for choosing to kill, for choosing to use guns, bombs, and such as by now, you are able to see that with the strength of your own being, then you no longer focus outside of you for peacefulness. You are aware of the many wars still continuing in Syria, in the Middle East, which is starting to turn now over in China, with many protests that are starting to increase in violence, back into the United States, which the Cabal are staging a mass killing, and murdering of many humans in a short time. If you feel you have seen it all, as said often, then you have no realization of how much horror is here, and will continue in these end times of duality, as this is part of your bravery. You knew that not one part of this world would not be affected by these end times of duality, however you knew that as long as you took your mission seriously, then you would as you say, no longer have to reincarnate again, over and over. That is why your ascension process now is at a stage of completion, you are not going to ascend, you are only able to ascend now, to be perfectly clear, as you are sensing more in this moment.

Those star seeds, and light workers spreading much false information about the ascension process are saying with ego, "Wake up people, you don't know how you are being fooled," while the ego says, this is the way to go, saying, "After all, am I not here to wake people up?" For starters, to see humanity as people, then you are still stuck in duality, feeling the hologram is real, as all are simply energy, as you are feeling by now, in your steady awakening process, as there are clear reasons why you are here on this dimension. You chose to be here, it is not a fluke, as often many of you star seeds, and light workers talking among the humans, often saying with ego, "Maybe I can make a change in this world, but I'll just pray, that will be enough." Prayer is not enough to help to bring in the new Earth, as if it was, then you would already have a place full of peace from prayer, as it is about releasing the need to pray, to take clear actions in your existence. The time to act is now, the time to be still is now, as being still, while acting, you are able to create such words of wisdom in your own way, with no need to focus on how another soul will as you say, "Teach" you, as teaching is based still in 3d, in the need to. The only thing is, when you reincarnate from choosing duality, then you relearn the same lessons over and over again, as a broken record, as you say, which is why you have come here to ascend beyond it. As you notice none of these words are judgments, neither are they reminders, as to remind is to be based in mind, while your intuition exists beyond the mind conditioning of not knowing anything for sure.

If you did not know anything for sure as a newly awakened ascended master, you as you say, would be useless in this new Earth, as you would simply be following the crowd, of humans talking about much drama, consistently. There are clear patterns in how you are able to rise in your creative efforts, as certainly it is not about focusing on how the ego will act, meaning, often saying, "I don't know how you create such words, newly daily, I seem to tried to do that, but can't." The reason for this is that you are not meant to be as you say, a copy cat, as that is based in the Cabal's training, similar to trying to back engineer our star ships, as your own awakening process is all that is needed to help you to be creative in your own way. In no way is that to discourage you from writing about ascension, however, it is to inform you as a star seed, as a light worker that your own consciousness shifting is helping you to enter deeper into your own conscious awareness. Meeting any of who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians on this Earth, as you say, are able to notice the heightened sensitivity, strength, courage, and high intelligence in all of our divine beings of light. Those that increase their higher awareness are able to tell humans, star seeds, and light workers with no words needed to be spoken, as this is a gift that you have to increase inside of yourself. There are many levels of awakening, as there are those star seeds, and light workers that are just awakening now, after many lifetimes in duality, and are noticing big changes happening within.

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