Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Holy Shit We Blew it!

Burning the midnight shining a clear light...
Wait...  don't anyone strike a match...

In the fish bowl of life the only way to flush a turd is to fertilize our mother
every species has processed the natural world in symbiotic splendor
while homosapsyouones manage to so toxify the intake
through our worship of plunder dunder heads
that crappin's become a crime against nature

Turning the fish bowl into a toilet bowl- a - cess pit
from which we unwittingly imbibe
the poly pharma urine plantiokodocinosis
while watching Fracademic's continue the lie
that poison' makes such profit that
we'll let this one go by
so now the water from our frackin sites
ignites the Fukushima Tar Sands pie
dessert anyone?

by Slave # 713-666-911

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