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Galactic Federation of Light High Council of Orion April-12-2013

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Published on Apr 14, 2013
12th April 2013 Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


"Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

We're here to speak to you today about a topic we've spoken about many times before, and that is of happiness. Many on the planet right now are wondering where happiness has gone, for they are feeling too much stress and strain and discomfort and uncertainty.

We would like to share with you more about reconnecting with your natural buoyant, ebullient state of internal happiness. Not from a false or externalized point of view, but from one of tapping into the deep resources of your inherent nature of joy which expresses itself outwardly at happiness.

Simply put, what we will say today is, if you watch young children playing with abandon, skipping, singing, lost in their own world, and you tap into and allow yourself to see them, through the eyes of your memory of when life was as simple as being fully present in your moment, where you two could skip and play, and sing to yourself and talk to yourself with un-self-conscious abandon.

Those days were pure and joyful for you were still fully connected with your inherent state of joy, and so what we ask you to do as we've said before is use the models of the things around you on the planet. If you are struggling with accessing joy and happiness in your life, go sit at a park and watch children play. Just allow yourself to energetically feel connected to them, and feel the joy they express as they run, as they swing on the swing, as they slide as they meet new accomplishments as they build a sand castle, that from an adult point of view might be slightly average, and yet their squeals of joy and enthusiasm are infectious.

Re-connect with that energy of joy also through the animals that you have around you, if you watch dogs for example. They have a natural joy and enthusiasm that they love to share with others, they easily get fully immersed in what they are doing and experiencing, and can play ball for hours with that again wild abandon of being fully present in the moment and experiencing it. There are no worries that slow the dog down to wonder if dinner will be on the table. For it is fully engaged in the moment, just as the children are as they express their joy.

From this place of wanting to connect with joy and happiness in the moment you connect with that fountain of unbridled energy that comes flowing into you from the universe.

Living in the now is the place where the joy and happiness can reside, for as you are fully present to yourself in the moment connecting into your heart, you open up the pathway for the Creator energy to flow into you. For if your mind is cluttered with worry and concern, with fear and constriction and with uncertainty, it creates if you will a block to that natural flow.

Does that mean live in a state of denying what might be reality in your life, absolutely no. But what we suggest is, in moments whenever you can, you allow yourself to set the worries aside, place them on the shelf to rest for just a few minutes, and come fully present to yourself, and allow that present moment awareness to connect in with any thought or feeling that brings you joy.

So that takes going to the park to watch the children and just be lost in the moment of seeing their joy, then we suggest you do it. If it takes going to another park in watching the dogs play, and seeing how engrossed they can be in the moment and for some for many moments on end, with the utter abandonment of who they are to the joy of the moment, through the running, through the playing, through the chasing.

Allow yourself those moments every day, regardless of what's going on in your life, to just connect with the feeling of joy by setting aside the worries, allow that flow from the universe to come down into you, and as you connect through your heart with that feeling of joy, of happiness, even if it's for 30 seconds or two minutes or five minutes, it shifts your inherent resonance to allow more of that in.

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood

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