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Heaven Letters April-19-2013

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Published on 19 Apr 2013
Heavenletter #4529 Be Gracious to God , April 19, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
It is better that you do not make Me your fall guy. It's not good for you that you affix blame to Me. It's not helpful to anyone.

You may like to hold Me responsible for all your woes. Responsibility is not blame. Blame no one, yet it is for you to take responsibility. Responsibility is not a dead-end. There is always another card for you to play.

It is not for you to fluff off your responsibility. The past is the past. Right now is your responsibility. You may be at a fork in a road that you don't like. It is you who has a decision to make. Stop harking back to the past. Do not play the game of "How Could You, God?"

I allow your freedom of choice. If you are at a casino, you don't want the house to hold all the cards. You want to have some odds in your favor. You want to have a choice. Do you really think that I make all the choices for you? You can't have free choice and hold Me responsible at the same time.

It's true. I take responsibility for you, and yet I don't make all the moves. You do have a say. You are not exactly an idle player. You may draw certain cards to you. You may drop a card. You may make a wrong play. You are not altogether an emperor of your life, and yet you are a key player.

Watch the attitude you give off. Life is not exactly tit for tat. Nevertheless, if you desire peace, you can't keep crying, "Foul." Better to know that your life is yours. Life is not all locked in. Yes, you may have great days and feel blessed. You may have rough days, and feel accursed. Do you really think I operate in that kind of mode, that I am your Friend one day and not the next? I do not set out to get you, give you a hard time, yet, of course, hard times are something you go through. You can't take all credit for the good times, nor can you toss off all responsibility for the hard times. I do not go around looking for hardships for you.

Yet when you have a hardship, what are you going to do about it now? Don't fluff off responsibility on Me. Don't say, "God, what did You do that for? God, how could You do that to me? Get on Your horse, God, and make this right. Give me the job I want. Let me pass this test. Reform my son or daughter."

Make no doubt about it. You play a significant part in your life and your family's life. You play a significant part in all lives. You play a part in all the galaxies, and you play a part in your life.

You are much more than a spectator in your life. You are a participant. You are a sharer. What timbre are you sending out? What are you attracting to yourself? It seems impossible that you would ever draw ills to yourself, for you are innocent and you would never bring onto yourself what life may have brought you. If a ball is thrown at you, you catch it. If the ball is in your court, it's yours to take care of.

No one is to blame, yet everyone shoulders responsibility. Forget about the whole trip of blame. Blame doesn't take you anywhere. Better to take responsibility. You also have a responsibility to stop carping. It does you and your situation no good, no good at all. Even when you might win an argument, you are left in the same situation. Be gracious to life, and be gracious to Me.

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