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Galactic Federation of Light MARCH 31 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Galactic Federation of Light MARCH 31 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Published on Mar 31, 2013
Your own inner nature is here to be fully healed, that is what you are stepping into, as you continue to release the judgments of separation, that says, with the ego, "I can't handle this, I am not able to do my light work because of this" type scenarios, when the time is limited for you as a star seed, as a light worker to help the humans, first starting by increasing more of your own awareness of the light. The light is gentle, it is comforting, it is a peaceful experience, and embrace, as this is who you always have been, and always will be, as you notice, the will of who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light . As you continue to create more for the new Earth, you are noticing that your abilities as an extraterrestrial on this planet is great, as you are contributing perfectly, as you are connecting further to your own divine essence. You will notice the more successful you become at reaching the masses, the more souls will try and stop you from shining, as this is of no concern to focus your attention on such souls. Your only focus is to continue to be a beacon of light, as you notice these words are the wording of cosmic beings of light, as the humans feel such talk is strange, and often will be confused by such information given to you now.

That is because the majority of humans on this Earth live mainly in the mind, with little focus on their spirituality, often feeling religion is what is talked about when even mentioning such a topic. The spiritual nature of your own consciousness is always expanding, as you are allowing for it to be so, as there are no blocks in your focus to continue to shine for those workers for the light here to transition into full consciousness. The journey is long indeed, as it comes to a short end, a new beginning is here for those of you newly awakened ascended masters that are ready to embark experiencing life beyond 3d, and this is as clear as it gets. The existence beyond 3d explains how our scout ships are seemingly to be transparent, as if you are able to walk straight through them. Yes, this is true, we exist in a higher density, meaning as you rise beyond 3d, then you no longer stay to such a rigid form as the human body, as you are gifted to manifest your own body change, looks, anything you focus upon, and choose to create at your will. To most humans, they will use the mind to try and reach a connection to how this is possible, then scan through taught knowledge, then often come short with a clear explanation, as there is a reason for that. Most of the humans are taught, and kept at a lower frequency, meaning the more hate a soul enters into, and holds onto, the more divided a soul is from the rest of the world, the more such souls exist on a harmful vibration.

Coming into contact with such beings will often show you stranger type activity, will often shun you, and display thought patterns that are negative, and harmful in nature, as this is how you are able to heighten your intuition, and extraterrestrial abilities. We of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians are aware of the lies that tries to cover up our existence, as these are being more uplifted by the day, as more of you are awakening to your mission and why you are here. The justice of these lands is taking place in the workers for the light being of service, as those feeling they are of service when spreading much hate, anger, imbalance, are just as those souls that feel that violence will bring everlasting peace to this world. At a point, the insanity stops, as you being focused on connecting to your inner knowing, then you are releasing the ego taught conditioning of fear, which is the root cause of separation to exist to begin with. The more of you workers for the light that are gentle, living in your intuition, less in judgments, the more wise you will become, as you will notice it is foolish for the mind to hold onto, or manifest judgments, as that is the Cabal's way of being. The Cabal has taught the humans, that "judgment is good, don't forget to judge first, can't be to sure, don't want to get caught in some trouble." These are all fearful thought patterns, can't be, don't want, and the lists continue, to show that the purpose of releasing fear is enlightenment beyond it, as this is why you are here to shine more beyond all divisions.

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