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Galactic Federation of Light APRIL 5 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Galactic Federation of Light APRIL 5 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson 

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Published on Apr 5, 2013
The eternal energy that is being unraveled in your own reality is happening now, it is not a later type of event, this is where you are surrendering who you are to be locked into a timeline of struggle, of outer drama, which is not who you are at your root. Beyond this is where you are connecting more to who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light, as you are pure consciousness, and to realize this more, it takes a serious surrendering of any, and all thoughts that are of fear, that are meant to create division, to create some type of harm. Harmfulness is the way of the ego, it is the way of holding onto grudges, to never forgiving, to realizing how this happens first is to pay attention to how you feel emotionally now. If you feel sadness, or anger now, know that it is from an emotional build up that has been developing inside of you beyond this now moment. These are energies, and messages from your higher self, in who you are to be the evolved beyond duality now, which is accessing who you are at your root. This is the whole purpose of your own evolution on this planet now, there is no mystery to this as you are realizing this more, as the end of the mystery is the beginning of your new reality in the new Earth.

As you access more of this divine nature, then you are unfolding more of who you are to be the root of the light shining essence on this planet, to then share your own eternal self to be uplifted into more of source. You are not able to see this, when you are looking for it outside of you, when you feel that trusting what you are fed everyday about what should be, and shouldn't be types of ways. The ego asks, "Why is this the case, am not I made to be in a drama filled life?" No, you are made to take a step back from the drama, to know that the root of attachments to the drama are thoughts that provoke emotions of sadness, and often anger. These are emotions that you choose to hold onto, meaning you do this when you allow the mind to play the same thought patterns for the last ten years, and before, bringing often the same emotional traumas, over and over. Your direct intent to exist beyond such a state is to then know that you are here to shine, and shining means you no longer remain in the darkness of a harmful inner reality. Your inner shifting out of this is your freedom from duality, as you are noticing the Civil wars continuing over in Syria, and the entire Middle East more, as you are able to see patterns breaking around this planet. Preparations of war in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, America, are all linked to the chaos of the ego, as one country's leaders holding onto fearful, and domination ways of being as the only way to exist.

The role of the ego has played many roles, often leading an insane one, as any society that supports war is still based in this level of insanity, immaturity, in that who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians, are here to show you that this is not tolerated in the higher realms. You are not able to become fully conscious when you support war, when you support violence as the way to solve problems, as this is not a fitting consciousness of who you are at your root core. You are not a fighter, this is what has been taught to you by the Cabal, you are a healer, a peace maker, here to embody unconditional love, as long as you hold onto the "fight" ego mentality, you will fall into the same trap as those following the Cabal. Those that are choosing such a role to stay in duality, are those that are choosing war, to fight till the death, which is what exactly such souls will create for themselves. The individual souls choosing peace, to not support such types of living, to not consistently be lost in the ego, are those awakening more beyond all states of division to begin with. Naturally, those holding onto the ego as who they are will see division as necessary, will say, "don't want to be caught being next to some murderer," yet your world leaders are just as such, sending military to kill children, and adults daily. The ego says, "Well that's their fault, I told them that I don't support it."

(Con't) only by listening now...

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