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Galactic Federation of Light MARCH 19 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Published on 19 Mar 2013
You are here as a worker for the light to be gentle with yourself, to not to resort to more thought forms of doubt, of fear to try and take you off your course into reaching full consciousness, as this moment has always been your comfort space. As your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light, you are now experiencing more of your divine self, as you are listening on to such transmissions, as you are seeing all outer blockages that you are experiencing are but illusions to your inner eternal nature. There are however a series of galactic codes that are being released in this dimension now, which is helping you to see that your own purpose as being a light worker, as being a star seed now on this Earth is important, and will continue to show you that you are indeed special, and unique. Those souls that are feeling that being special is an ego attachment, are obviously living in the ego, not in their heart, in seeing that you are here with a divine mission to help to uphold the light, to bring in the golden age in consciousness. There is no stopping our collective work for the light, as those souls that are attempting to stop it, are living in their own fears of who they are to be source, instead choosing duality, fear, and chaos as the only real reality to such individual souls.

It is not important to focus on any outer distractions that attempt to keep you from knowing that you deserve your full return to full consciousness, despite what many humans living in the ego will say, in saying that you are not here with a mission, and who will try and trivialize your mission, by saying, "isn't everyone on a mission?" This is clearly not those souls that are awakened to their own mission for the light, so such souls rely on taught information, on the ego, of thoughts of logical analysis to determine their reality, still coming up short when asked to define how they are eternal. The reason for this is it goes beyond logical thought, as you are realizing who you are more as the light, then delving deeper into the consciousness of your true self, which allows you to access more information from the divine conscious awareness of life. These blueprints are the fabric of the experience in you being in physicality, as this is how you know that you have been here to create solely for the new Earth, as all of your efforts now are placing you more in alignment with your own mission. Upholding the light is a continuous process, as those star seeds and light workers that are saying that they are already done with their mission, and are still here on this Earth are living in denial of their unlimited potential. You are here to see that as you continue to shine, then you are no longer looking for outer approval to allow you to stay focused on your mission to continue to help with ascension, always, and forever.

It takes your own inner resonance with more of the divine that you are allowing yourself to continue to soar more into more of your true self, all here in this moment, where you are surrendering the conditioning of the mind to be more in balance with your inner light. There are no stops in this building process, as the moment you feel you need to stop being more still within, and graciously connect to source, then you are then focusing more on the outer dramas of 3d collapse around you. It is then important to realize that you are here to continue on your uncovering of the end of duality in your own world, as if you use the mind to try and see how souls compare to others, saying it is impossible for the new Earth to be here, then you are mistaken. The mind is not able to see the choices of another soul to either stay in duality, or to exist in harmony, and oneness, however it is able to notice that each soul is vibrating in either duality, in separation, or in oneness, and grace. Your choice is made each moment, it is not a shifting from one day to the next, feeling you will work for the light one day, then the next not, no, these are ego attachments of illusion of who you are as the light. As you step more into your divine heritage, then you are knowing that as the light, then you have a clear responsibility to be of service to this dimension, as the moment you lose sight of this, then you are focused on taught knowledge by the Cabal, by those souls who have ruled this planet in darkness of judgment, and fear for many generations.

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