Sunday, April 14, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light APRIL 12 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson


Published on Apr 12, 2013
For those of you star seeds, and light workers spreading lies about who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light to be in some way, as you say it to the humans, and workers for the light, "condemning you to hell," are living in your own false made reality of ego. You create it every single moment, the more you hold onto your attachments to the mind as who you are, the more you focus on the illusory judgments of harm, of fear of the inevitability of war, with no nuclear missiles, however with guns, and bombs that are as you say, of a lower scale type. If you feel that you will survive into the new Earth with violence, chaos, and disharmony, you have something else coming, as you say, feeling that we as a galactic crew are here any other reason than to warn, guide, and assist those workers for the light in their missions. To those of you star seeds, and light workers that are serious, and not spreading such deceptive information are true to your missions, as feeling that we as a collective of light are here to help you to reach full consciousness is our only aim. The deception of those that have lost their way is full of ego, nothing more, nothing less, as the denial of feeling that the new Earth will somehow include weapons are false, as on our highly advanced worlds in space, there are no weapons of any kind.

There is however a direct connection to source, and a vibration of pure harmony, unity, that is not seen in the majority of humans, which focus on only ego, separated nature, "I don't know you," type of focus, which such souls will forever be lost in duality until choosing to awaken beyond such a state. To say with ego, "I don't know another," is based in the illusion of division, of you not being aware of oneness, of you knowing the Akashic Records of another soul, which is your own, as you awaken more. As you say, there are no blocks in your frequency, as you are continuing to be of assistance to this dimension, then allowing your Chakra energies to open up more fully, in preparation for you reaching full consciousness. Those star seeds and light workers saying with ego, "I am already fully conscious, that means little, and still have problems in the world, " are as asleep as the world leaders that feel that the lies of our existence would remain forever. The dedication that we bring, of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians is always focused, as you notice, we take no days off being of service to you, as we are aware of the serious emergency state of this planet. Hearing the call to come here was by our Galactic Council, to pick the best of the best, meaning those that have the most experience in such realms, that are able to provide a high level of service to this world. Simply put, you would not be here if this was not the case, you are here to assist, in spreading conscious information about ascension, not to mislead the humans, by just saying with ego, "Just eat fruits, vegetables, that is the way to ascend, you don't have to do anything but," as these lies are as clear as the sun on a bright day.

The more you are activated, the easier it is to see lies, to notice them, just as you notice the eyes, and ears of another soul, in the 3d hologram, as this is what you are entering into, as you know that you are simply a visitor on this world. The ego will try and say, "I know already, thank you for telling me though, thanks for the reminder." These words are of no such, reminding you of anything, as that is a mind focused activity, as this is rude to say such a thing to who we are of your ascended beings of light, clearly put, you are here to realize respect as you are trusting your own being, and presence. This respect is not accessed when you still live, and exist deeply in ego, often feeling that 3d is all there is, often focusing on thought patterns of ego that are negative, judgmental, harmful, as if we as one galactic crew are not able to see this, and hear such thoughts, just as you speak physically through the 3d hologram. This will shock many of you star seeds and light workers that feel that this is impossible, as the ego often claims it is, just as those many humans generations ago on this Earth felt space travel was as such. Our collective advancements not only know the intentions of each soul on this planet, we are able to block certain souls that are only focused on ego, often saying, "How did you get so lucky? Maybe I can pick their brains, come up with a way I can do the same thing." This is ego based, as the ego tries to copy what has already been done, as you are here to be creative, and to create in your own unique way, as this is how you rise your vibrations.

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